Projects: The cornerstone of MakerCreations

As has been stated throughout this site, the projects aspect of this online portal is really the cornerstone and culmination of everything we are trying to accomplish at MakerCreations. The ultimate goals of MakerCreations is to provide a platform for like-minded individuals to gather, discuss ideas, and create together. With that said, the project aspect of this online Makerspace is the main tool to allow teams of individuals to create together.

So how does one learn about and possibly become part of a project? One great place for learning about and discussing new and ongoing projects is the Projects section of the MakerCreations forum. Access to the Forum can be done through the main menu tabs, the navigation links, and the user links at the bottom of each page of the site. Through either the Ongoing Projects and New Projects forums and their related topics, visitors and members can learn about and discuss project ideas and what is currently being developed. If a group of individuals decide to collaborate on a project, a MakerCreations project could be setup with those founding teams members.

If anyone has a good idea for a project, they can also send an email to with the project idea and any relevant details. If the project fits into the scope of what we are trying to develop at MakerCreations (and most will), a project will be setup on the site, and that individual will become a co-founder for that project.

If you are interested in starting or joining a project, please also check out a quick summary of the projects portion of the site at the following link: Projects Info Page This information page will give quick details on how the projects will operate and how to learn what projects are currently ongoing. Along with the project info, there are also baseline rules for being part of a project team listed on this Project Info Page. In a nutshell the primary rules state that all team members will be valued the same, and the objective will always be to develop the best collaboration between team members as possible.

To ensure all projects run as effectively as possible, an online project management tool called Basecamp will be used. This great project management application has a ton of great features such as allowing effective communication between team members, task tracking, project scheduling with reminders, ability to create and store project files, and just about any other feature needed to create and run a good project. Further information on the Basecamp application will also be available in the Articles section or at the Basecamp website at:

Along with the Basecamp PM tool, projects will also use an application to track all individual contributions to the project. This Slicing Pie app was designed and co-developed by the original creator of the Slicing Pie method. Mike Moyer has created a very good tool for tracking time and value contributions for any project. As has been stated before on this site, many of the projects could very well become viable products that could be sold for a profit. To ensure all team members are compensated fairly for their individual contributions to a project, this Slicing Pie application will be used, and each team member will be able to keep track of their contributions. More information concerning the Slicing Pie method will be available in the Articles section of this site.

Along with the two tools just mentioned, MakerCreations has been setup with a couple additional pages to allow visitors and members to either get more details on an ongoing project or actually access a project if the MakerCreations member is part of a particular project team. More details on the Projects Page and the Projects Description Page are available by selecting the corresponding links at the bottom of this Projects chapter.