Polls: Learn how to participate in and utilize survey polls

Polls have always been a great way to gauge opinion on various subjects. Many enterprises utilize customer surveys to determine product development directions. The simple act of asking questions can shed new insight on an ongoing problem. In today's ever changing world, the process of asking questions through polls and surveys has become a very valuable tool for companies and organizations.

To help determine direction and what is most important to the MakerCreations community, various polls will be conducted from time to time. Access to the Polls feature will be through links on the Main, Navigation, and User menus. Once at the main Polls page, visitors and members can select which polls they would like to participate in by clicking on the associated link(s). These links will take the participants to another page that will allow them to vote from a list of suggestions for that particular question. If desired, MakerCreation members will also be able to add personal comments for each poll. From time to time, some polls will actually show up on the MakerCreations front page.

If someone has an idea for a poll, please send your suggestion to polls@makercreations.org While the subjects discussed at MakerCreations are numerous, please try to keep the survey ideas centered around the theme of enhancing the experience for all the creators, innovators, developers, and inventors out there. With that said, if you feel a question should be asked of the MakerCreation visitors and members, please feel free to send your suggestion.

As with other features developed at the MakerCreations site, the Poll feature was added to help enhance the experience for all visitors and community members. Please check out the Poll page regularly, and participate as desired.