Forums: Using the power of good discussions

As human beings, we all tend to gather in places where there is some common interest. The gatherings which usually are the most fulfilling are places where even though there is a common thread that joins everyone, the diversity of all the individuals who become a part of these meet ups is what truly enhances the gatherings. When properly developed, the online forum can be an awesome place to allow diverse individuals to create great discussions around topics of common interest.

The MakerCreations forum was created to produce good discussions around a variety of subjects that can help enhance the experience for all the creators, innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs out there. As with any good forum, the MakerCreations forums need an engaged community of like-minded but diverse individuals to truly make it a great experience for visitors and members alike.

Access to the various forums and their associated topics can be done by selecting [Forums] on the main menu tabs, through the Navigation links, and from the User menu at the bottom of each site page. The MakerCreations Forum has been setup in a very typical forum structure. Some of the forums are grouped together under a common container, while other forums will be stand alone subjects. As is the case with most forums, numerous related topics can be created to help enhance discussions around common forum subjects.

MakerCreations community members will be able to add topics, and will also have the ability to comment on any of the ongoing topic discussions. Visitors to the site who wish to participate in the ongoing discussions should consider registering to become a part of the MakerCreations community. The MakerCreations forum is a dynamic structure that will grow as more and more people become engaged. If a new forum subject is desired, please send a request to

To ensure the MakerCreations forum is good tool for creating great discussions around various subjects and topics, a few simple ground rules should be followed.

  1. Everyone participating in the various discussions should respect the other community members. Lets all play nice!

  2. The various forums should not become a sales platform for outside organizations. Useful knowledge of outside resources are always helpful, but blatant sales pitches are not. We all know the difference.

  3. While certain language can sometimes help get a point across, please be considerate of all the various visitors and community members who will be viewing the comments.

  4. Lastly. To ensure the forums become valuable tools for enhancing the objectives of all the creators out there, please try to keep the comments on topic as much as possible. Too many forums online these days become platforms for useless chatter that really adds no real value to the topics being discussed, and when this begins to happen, participation drops dramatically. We all have a vested interest in creating some valuable conversations, so please keep that in mind as you add comments to the ongoing conversations.

Good forums are always great to be a part of. The MakerCreations forum belongs to the community, and it's our obligation to work to make this yet another valuable asset for all the creators, innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs out there.