Events: Learn how to access and setup events for the MakerCreations community

Along with the other numerous features available on the MakerCreations portal, there is the ability to quickly view upcoming Events and learn the specific details for these events. Recognizing the importance of both internal and external special events for all the creators and makers out there, MakerCreations has developed an Events Page to allow all visitors and site members a central location and method for learning about upcoming events, conferences, and training opportunities.

This Events feature can be accessed through the Main, Navigation, and User menus. The default for the main Events page is a monthly calendar format, but there are also options to view the upcoming events by Week, Day, and Year. Each event listed on the calendar will give the date and time for the upcoming event, and there will be a link available to get more details of the event. Along with the event dates and times, some of the other details available are event prices(if applicable), event sponsors, and topics to be covered.

To schedule an event on the calendar, please submit a request to All events recommended should be in line with the overall goals of the MakerCreations portal, and should be of value to all community visitors and members. Please be considerate, and only use the events feature to enhance the MakerCreations community, and not just for a sales platform. To help streamline the process, some community members may be given special privileges to add events themselves. This editing privilege will be on a case by case basis as deemed appropriate by the MakerCreations administration.

As with all features on the MakerCreations site, the Events Page has been developed to enhance the experience for all visitors and members of this online makerspace, so please check out the Events feature on a regular basis.