Blogs: How to get the best out of the MakerCreations blogs

As the Internet has grown through the years, the Internet Blog has continued to grow with it. Where most of the media before the Internet was the purview of large media companies and book publishers, we now have tons of free and valuable information being created by individuals, both large and small enterprises, and the other numerous organizations out there. Most blogs are created to contribute to the overall theme of the website and hopefully provide some valuable information for the viewers. The MakerCreations Blog was created for those same reasons.

The MakerCreations Blog can be accessed by selecting either [Blogs] on the main menu, the link on the Navigation menu, or the link at the User menu at the bottom of each page. On each page of the website there is also a [Recent blog posts] section that will list the most current blogs. On the main Blog page, all blog post will be shown in a teaser format with the option to read more if desired. Along with the short teasers, there is also a Blog Archive feature shown on the main blog page that has archived the blog post by month and year. MakerCreations community members will also have the option to comment on blog post.

While the subjects are numerous and varied, the goal of every blog post will be to provide some good information for all the innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators out there. For those who would like to contribute to the MakerCreations Blog, please email with details of the blog post with a short summary of the content. Those who become regular contributors will be given special blog posting privileges to the site.

As with everything on the MakerCreations site, the blog is one more tool to help enhance the experience for all the visitors and community members viewing them. Through the blog post and associated comments, lets try to make the MakerCreations blog a powerful tool for everyone. Feedback is always welcome, and ideas for future blog subjects are encouraged. Please contact with positive feedback and idea suggestions.