User Groups: Using the power of communities for collaboration and learning

The power of groups of people working towards a common purpose is always amazing to observe. Whenever there is a community of individuals working together on a common goal or idea, good things are usually the result. In today's ever connected world, user groups and communities are springing up more than ever. From makerspaces to software hack-a-thons, more individuals are choosing to gather, share knowledge, and create together.

To help the MakerCreations community learn about other communities and groups, a User Group feature has been developed for the site. The main User Group page can be reached by selecting the appropriate links under the Resources tabs on the Main and User menus. Once at the main User Group page, viewers can select from the groups and communities listed to learn more about these user groups. These user group summaries will give a brief description of the group or community, when they meet, where they are located, and many times a map will be included. These user groups will be located around the world, so most visitors and community members should find a group near their location.

To help ensure that as many groups as possible be identified and added to the User Group list, everyone is encouraged to notify MakerCreations of possible groups to add. To recommend a user group, please send details to

As with many features at MakerCreations, the User Group feature is dynamic and the list will continue to grow as more and more groups and communities are identified, so please check the User Group page often.