Sites: Access valuable sites for enhancing the MakerCreations experience

To help enhance the experience of members and visitors, MakerCreations has a feature for learning about other Websites and Blogs that have useful information for all the creators, developers, innovators, and inventors out there. Learning is something that all true creators should never stop doing. Staying relevant and up to date is vital for success in any venture. To help everyone to continue learning about valuable resources and training opportunities, MakerCreations has developed a Sites feature to do just that.

The Sites feature can be accessed through the Resource tab on the Main menu, and through the link on the User menu at the bottom of each site page. Once at the main Sites page, there will be a list of links that will allow access to more information concerning that particular site. For those who wish to learn even more or access the original site, there will be a link for that also.

In line with MakerCreations community aspect, recommendations for adding further sites will always be welcome. If anyone wishes to add a site to the list, please send your recommendation to As always, recommendations should be for the enhancement of all community members and visitors to MakerCreations. The goal of the Sites feature will be to provide the best information, tools, and resources for creating that next great product, innovation, and invention.

Due to the dynamic nature of the Sites feature, please refer back often to learn what's available.