Companies: Access collaborative enterprises and possibly add to the list

We all live in a connected world that continues to become even more connected with each day. The old paradigm of companies competing against each other for market supremacy is giving way to new companies that understand the power of collaboration. As we continue into this new industrial revolution, it is the enterprises and organizations that embrace the collaborative commons ideology that will be the most successful. With that thought in mind, MakerCreations has been developed to be an organization that will work to collaborate with other organizations and companies to create even better products and innovations.

To help others to learn more about what we consider to be business and organizational partners, the MakerCreations portal has a feature to introduce these creative collaborators to everyone interested. The Companies feature will highlight those MakerCreation partners and provide links for those interested in exploring further. Access to the Companies main page is available through the Resources tab on the Main menu and through the User menu at the bottom of each page. Once at the main companies page, there will be logos with links to pages with more information on that particular company or organization.

As with most features on this site, and because we are a community driven organization, input from community members on which organizations should be included on the Companies page will always be welcome. If someones believes an organization or enterprise should be added to the list, they can submit their suggestion to All recommendations should be in line with what we are trying to accomplish at MakerCreations. While many of these companies will have products for sale, lets try to focus on those companies and organizations that create the most value for everyone, and not just create a sales platform for companies.

As with all the other features on the MakerCreations site, the Companies aspect is dynamic and will grow as more valuable companies and organizations are found and added.