Projects Info Page

Welcome to the Projects information page.

The Projects portion of this site is a very important aspect of MakerCreations. In many ways, the Projects feature of this portal is the culmination of all the other areas of this online Makerspace. The ultimate goal for MakerCreations is to become the premier location for like minded individuals to gather, share ideas, and create something new together. With those goals in mind, the Projects aspect of this website is vital for producing the innovations, inventions, and products we all desire to create.

To help facilitate the actual creation process, the Projects portion of this site has been developed to encourage collaboration and provide a central place where ongoing project details can be accessed by all team members. To help keep the ongoing projects organized, a project format will be used to document specific project details and ongoing progress for all steps associated with the project. Like most aspects of this site, the project format is dynamic, and if better ways of communicating project details is needed and desired, then they will be incorporated into the project structure.

Recognizing the sensitive nature of many innovations and inventions and to help reduce unnecessary chaos, each project will only be accessible by the team members associated with that particular project. Truth is, many of these projects could very well become future companies, with the project team members becoming the founders of that new company. Along with the founding team members, whenever a new team member is accepted into a project, they will be granted special access privileges to that particular project page. Access to the new and ongoing projects a team member is part of, will be through the Projects Page portal. Along with the general project info and descriptions available to all MakerCreations viewers and members, project specific pages will also be visible and accessible for those individuals with special access privileges to a particular project.

As the various projects move forward, there may be a need to bring in further individuals with the additional skill sets required for that particular project. To help with the recruitment of new team members, a Projects Description Page has been developed. This Projects Description page will give a brief synopsis of the new and ongoing projects, and along with the project summary, any additional skill sets needed for that particular project will be listed. All individuals with any of the skill sets listed and a desire to participate in the project, are encouraged to submit a request to join the team.

To ensure the integrity of any project, and to ensure the creation process runs smoothly, certain baseline protocols will always be in place for any project. These baseline rules will include the following:

  • All major project decisions and direction will be made by a consensus of the majority of all project team members.

  • All team member input will be considered regardless of that team member's particular skill sets.

  • While certain roles and expertise will be part of any project, a system of collaboration and cooperation will always be the rule. All project contributions will be valued the same.

  • If the need or the nature of the project dictates more rules and procedures are required than those already mentioned, a particular project team can add to the baseline rules as the majority agree to.

The goal of these baseline protocols is not to complicate the creative process, but to actually help enhance the development of innovation, inventions, and products. As stated throughout this site, truly great advances come from the equal collaboration of multiple passionate individuals working toward a common goal.

While the background of all the individuals choosing to join the MakerCreations community is varied, it's important to remember that one of the main purposes for creating this portal, is to establish a place where new ways of creating are developed and improved upon. The projects developed through this platform will be the perfect environment to improve on how teams of individuals create together. With that said, input on improving the collaboration process and how teams interact will always be encouraged. Lets all work together to make this a place where teamwork is the rule and each individual is valued for the truly creative being they are.