Project Details: Beaglebone Black Propagator Device for IoT

Project Summary:

This ongoing project is designed to explore the possibility of using a Beaglebone Black or similar design as a universal propagator device for Internet of Things applications. The propagator node is the intermediary module between the end devices and the cloud based Integrator applications.

  • The design will include implementation of various communication protocols to allow for as much universality as possible.

  • The design of a universal Integrator application for testing will also be an objective of this project.

  • Project will require various skill sets to complete.

  • Project goals will include developing a device that can be marketed and sold with underlying base code and design features that can be shared with the open source community.

  • Initial contributors to this project will become founding team members.

  • Any value created from this project will be equitably shared based on individual contributions to the project. Equity shares will be calculated using a special application for that function. (see article titled "Slicing Pie" for more details)

Current Skill Sets Needed:

  • Software programmer (Python and Linux experience preferred, but other programming language knowledge may also be needed)

  • Hardware designer with emphasis on small board platforms (experience with Beaglebone Black a plus)

  • More skill sets will be listed as project progresses

Contact Information:

  • Contact if interested in joining this project

  • Questions and comments for the general public can be input in the Comments section below. Please keep the Comments specific to the nature of this particular project.