MakerCreations Project Example

Below is an example of the format that will be used for all new and ongoing projects. While all visitors and MakerCreations community members are able to view and access this example project page, access to actual projects will be limited to team members of those particular projects. Along with the project pages, each new and ongoing project will also have a companion description page. This project description page will give a quick project summary, and will also list any current skill sets needed for that project. All vistors amd community members will have access to these description pages. If anyone is interested in joining a new or ongoing project, they can email the current project team by using the provided email link.

As with all aspects of MakerCreations, the below format is dynamic and is always subject to change.

Project Details:

This space will give a quick summary of the project. These project details will change as each project progresses.

Team Meetup:

This space will list any project team meet up times. These online meetings will either be through the Basecamp project management application, Skype meetings, or whatever other format the team decides on. Any necessary meeting links will be provided in this space.

Current Task Schedules and Ongoing Project Goals:

This space will be used to list all project task that still need to be accomplished with recommended timelines setup by the project team. Longer term project goals will also be listed in this space with any relevant project goal details included.

Outstanding Project Questions:

This space will list all current project questions and details that still need to be answered and fleshed out.

Project Links:

This space will be used to list any relevant project links.

Along with the standard project outline above, all team members will be able to always add their own input or suggestions in the Comments section on each project page they are a part of.