Projects Page: Quick reference list of MakerCreations projects

To help gain quick access to ongoing projects, a Projects Page has been added to the MakerCreations site. This quick reference page will list all the current projects a particular team member is a part of. To help ensure proper security and access for all new and ongoing projects, only the projects each individual MakerCreations member is a part of, will be visible and accessible by that particular team member.

Access to a particular project page will be done by selecting the appropriate link on the Projects Page. From the new and ongoing project pages, the team member will have the ability to view and add comments concerning the project. Along with the comments feature, these project pages will provide quick reference information for all team members. This ongoing information will include team meet up times with link details, current task schedules and goals, team input questions, and any other relevant information. Basically, these project pages will provide quick reference information for all current team members, and a platform to disseminate important information and questions quickly.

Each specific project page will also provide a link to the BaseCamp project management application for that particular project. Once at the BaseCamp page for a particular project, all current team members will have access to full project details once they have logged in. An article helping to explain how the BaseCamp application works is available in the Articles section of the MakerCreations site.

The Projects Page is accessible through links on the Main, Navigation, and User menus. As with all features on the MakerCreations site, the Projects Page feature is dynamic and will be enhanced as needed. Feedback is always welcome.