Projects Description Page: Learn about new and ongoing projects

Another very valuable aspect of the Projects section of this online Makerspace is the Projects Description Page. Both site visitors and MakerCreation members will be able to view a brief summary of all new and ongoing projects from the Projects Description Page. Access to the Projects Description Page will available through the Main, Navigation, and User Menus. Once at the main Project Description Page, visitors and site members can click on any of the available project description links to see a brief project description with a short summary of the project, project goals and objectives, and any other relevant information.

Each project will require specific skill sets to be successful. To help achieve project goals, the Project Description pages will also list any current talents and skill sets still required for a particular project. While a formal resume won't necessarily be required, proof of a prospective team members background may be appropriate. Examples of previous work, specific experience, etc. come to mind. If an individual feels that a new or ongoing project might be a fit, there will be email links available for that visitor or site member to use to contact the current team members with a request to join the project.

Regardless of previous work experience, everyone is encouraged to check out the new and ongoing projects on the Projects Description Page to see if maybe there is a fit for that particular individual. If none of the current projects listed seem to be a fit, perhaps a new project could be developed. Request for new projects can be done through the following email link:

The ultimate goal of MakerCreations is to provide a premier platform for individuals to create together and possibly change the world. With that thought in mind, all project ideas will be considered. Lets Create Together!