Drupal for website building


Years ago I built an online business website using the Dreamweaver editor, and while it was a pretty good application, it was a bit pricey and didn't include a lot of add ons. During that time I also started using Wordpress, and I thought that was a pretty good blogging software package, and it was open source and free. Due to the large community around Wordpress, it has now become a very popular website building package.

When I started developing the MakerCreations platform, I did some research to try and find a good CMS (Content Management System) to use that was also open source. The 3 top recommended content management systems I found that were open source was Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomia. After digging into the features of each CMS, I decided Drupal would be the best for what I was trying to develop.

As with any of the content management systems available, there is a learning curve for Drupal. Due to the large development community around Drupal, there are very good tutorials for both installing/setting up the software and for actually using it. Having a little Linux terminal experience can also help with setup and adding new modules to Drupal. With all the development around Drupal, there are an incredible amount of standard and add on features to really make Drupal a really powerful CMS. The core Drupal package has pretty much all the features seen on most websites these days, and if there isn't a feature available, there is most likely an add on that will get the job done.

Along with a huge development community for Drupal, the core Drupal software package and the many extra modules that can be obtained are all open source and free. As I've said before, I feel most of the open source software and hardware will eventually become the standard because of the huge amount of development resources that are applied to creating the applications and making them even better. I feel Drupal is no exception to the power of open sourcing the development code to everyone. Drupal is already being used by the U.S. government and other large organizations and enterprises, and I only see that continuing and even growing.

I would love to hear what others think about Drupal and numerous the other website building applications out there, so please let us all know what you think, and what you've had experience with.