Python and other great languages


While I still consider myself pretty new to software programming, I'm truly amazed by all the great languages that have been developed, and how many resources are available for learning them. Years ago while attending college I did study Basic and then C++, but unfortunately, the instruction was so poor that I never really pursued software programming any further until relatively recent. At my current job, I've had the opportunity to learn programming for PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), and I've also started really digging into the Python programming language.

After getting involved with PLCs at work, I found I was actually really interested in programming, so I started looking for a language to learn. Due to the tremendous growth of the open source movement and the big part open source software plays in that, I thought Python would be a great language to learn. Python is actually incorporated into a lot of applications out there, and due to the large development community around the language, I think it will continue to be a big player in the future.

Along with the huge development community for Python, there are just tons of resources for learning the language. From a slew of You Tube videos to numerous online courses and training documentation, there is definitely an abundance of training material out there for Python, and most of it is free. One of the best training manuals for the language is the book titled “How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python” by Allen Downey, Jeffery Elkner, and Chris Meyers. I highly recommend getting this free ebook if you are interested in learning Python.

I could on and on about Python and the other great programming languages out there (and maybe will in the future), but also want to get the opinions and experiences of others out there. So please let us know what your favorite programming language is and why.