Thoughts on new technologies


As I've immersed myself in the many technologies coming online these days, it has really been incredible to see what is being developed in today's fast paced world. The staggering pace of change has really been awesome to observe, and I know we have only just begun. As I've stated before, I believe this time we are living in, is one of the most exciting times for all the creators out there. Never before have innovators, creators, and inventors had so many tools at their disposal. Due to the rapid pace of change and all the sharing that goes on these days, many of these tools are either free or pretty inexpensive to use. From the initial design to a finished product, there is probably a useful tool out their to get the job done at a relatively low cost.

The relatively low cost of developing new products has opened up creating to pretty much anyone or group with the desire. Each new invention usually produces many new applications and possible markets. As technologies continue to expand, new opportunities are created. In today's sharing environment, many of these new technologies being developed are piggy backing off previous development that has occurred. As we all continue to share our designs, we add to the incredible advances seen today. I personally believe that as we all share our designs, we create even further advances and opportunities. This desire to freely share designs is even seen by some of today's biggest players and enterprises.

Along with all the sharing of ideas, concepts, and designs, just observing all the new technologies coming on board sparks all kinds of new ideas. What we might have thought was science fiction and almost impossible, is now becoming reality more and more these days. Our concept of what is possible is expanding every day. I personally get a great feeling when I think of all the opportunities available for creators these days.

I started this topic to get some conversation started around all the technological advances being observed and developed in today's modern world. Please give us all your thoughts and knowledge on this subject. The more we learn about specific tools available and the latest technologies being developed, my hope is that all this information will spark new ideas.