Lets talk about the Internet of Things


Their is a coming wave of technological innovations that will have profound effects on everyone's lives in the not to distant future. One of the big players in this Third Industrial Revolution is what is being termed the Internet of Things (IoT). With the advent of the Internet, mobile technologies, WiFi, Bluetooth, and cloud computing platforms, we are now entering a time where smart homes, smart cars, and smart factories will be the norm. In the not so distant future (5-10 yrs), there will be literally hundreds of billions of sensors and devices connected, and communicating with Internet Cloud servers utilizing numerous software applications designed to allow us to monitor and control these end devices.

While trying to find ways to be part of this new Third Industrial Revolution, I have been doing a lot of research around the Internet of Things. I personally believe there will be enormous opportunities for all the creators out there. The IoT basically consist of end devices and sensors talking to intermediate devices that will parse and package the incoming data to be sent to cloud platforms that will have applications developed to allow users the ability to monitor the data, input parameter data back to the devices, and even control the end devices if desired. All of these IoT applications, devices, and sensors will need to be developed by teams of individuals, and that is where the MakerCreations community can be a big part of this IoT development.

My initial thoughts are to try and see if the numerous mini computer/controller boards now available could be utilized as intermediate and end devices for numerous smart control applications. With that said, work has begun on utilizing the Arduino, Beaglebone, and Raspberry Pi boards for the IoT infrastructure by many inventors, innovators, developers, and entrepreneurs already. I think this would be great place to start the development process, so have started working with these boards myself.

I would love to hear what others have to say concerning the Internet of Things, and what applications, sensors, and devices might be good ones to develop. If there is enough interest in an idea, then we could look at starting a project to try and bring the idea to life. Please add your comments and thoughts to this post, so we can get a dialog started.

Lets Create Together!