Meet Zephyr: A Tiny Open-Source IoT RTOS


The Linux Foundation has launched a project that promises to create a real-time operating system (RTOS) for use with IoT devices. The Zephyr Project is structured with the usual Linux-like openness that will utilize a collaborative community-based development process. The goal of the Zephyr initiative is to produce an open source, small footprint OS for IoT devices. To achieve design objectives, the Zephyr Project's RTOS will use Linux-based "micro" and "nano" kernels.

Based on the outstanding success of the original Linux kernel and the countless offshoots of that initial software development, I really feel hopeful that the Linux community will provide the world with a very powerful tool for the ongoing IoT development platform. As has been displayed many times, the power of open source development combined with huge communities of developers, always seems to be a great recipe for success. I'm really excited about this new Linux Foundation project. My hope is to even be able to utilize this RTOS in some projects being developed at MakerCreations. See MakerCreations IoT Projects for more details.

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