The power of Social Media to draw us all closer

Lets face it. Humans are social creatures. Some of us are more social than others, but we all enjoy contact and conversation with our fellow humans on this planet. We all love to talk about our thoughts and dreams, and sharing them with others. Sometimes these conversations can lead to some great new ideas, and sometimes it's just nice to catch up with good friends.

Today's social media has taken conversations with our fellow humans to a new level. In today's world, we not only can meet up with close friends and extended family online, but we can now have conversations with people all over the world. With sites like Facebook and Google+, we now have the ability meet and discuss pretty much anything with others around the world. Social media has allowed us all to create a closer world.

While for most of the younger generations, sharing their lives, thoughts, and dreams with others is pretty natural, those older folks such as myself seem to have a harder time with these concepts. Many of us who tend to be more technical in nature also seem to have a tougher time relating to and sharing our thoughts with others. Because we are all individuals with different personalities and natures, it's likely each of us falls somewhere in this spectrum of sociability.

Personally, and even though I have a couple strikes against myself already, I would really like to join in this social movement and hopefully have some great conversations around the subjects I love.(and maybe develop some more great friendships in the process)

With that said, I've taken some steps to try and get those conversations going. Along with the MakerCreations Forum, I have also started a Facebook page titled MakerCreations, and a Google+ community page titled MakerCreations also. If you would like to become part of the communities at these sites, please click on the links provided below.

You can reach the Google+ MakerCreations community by either typing MakerCreations in the Google+ search or by using the following url:

You can reach the MakerCreations Facebook page by either typing MakerCreations in the Facebook search or by using the following link:

I encourage you to check these pages out, and maybe even become part of a community of technology loving and creative individuals. Who knows what might come from this.

See you there!