Lets Create Together!

The title of this post sums up the main objective of MakerCreations pretty well. As has been stated before, MakerCreations was developed through a vision of creating a place where like-minded creators could come and share their ideas and skills, and if desired, maybe create the next great invention, innovation, concept, or business model. With that objective in mind, I wanted to talk about this vision I have in more detail. But first, lets talk about the whys and wherefores.

Many of us currently work in jobs that maybe are not allowing us to create at our full potential. We have a yearning inside to do more for the world around us, but just aren't sure how to proceed. As we contemplate how to create something that will help enhance everyone's lives, we soon realize that doing this will be a monumental task that may be almost impossible on our own. It soon becomes obvious that to create something truly great, we are going to need some help. We know in our our hearts and minds that the best innovations come from many minds working together. As we contemplate the ideas we have in our minds, we soon realize that we just don't have all the necessary skill sets to bring this idea to life. As we observe the world around us, we recognize all the incredible variety and natural talents our fellow creators have. We soon realize that we don't need to have all the answers, and all we really need to do is find a varied group of fellow creators who wish to build something great together. So how do we do this?

Before we get into this vision of building a community of creators, lets quickly talk about those who might not share this vision of cooperation and collaboration. In this vast world of individuals, there always seems to be some who feel the need to cause strife and chaos around themselves. There are numerous reasons why some feel the need to create discontent, but the results of creating this division in a group of people never accomplishes anything of value. While most of us feel that everyone has the right to pursue their own interest, I think we can all agree that pursuing our interest at the determinant of others is not a good thing. With that said, and for all of those who have ill intent for this community of creators, kindly take your discontent elsewhere. Now back to what MakerCreations is all about.

The main goal of MakerCreations has always been to become a premier place for people to gather, discuss new creative ideas, and possibly create something together if possible. While new ways of creating together is already occurring with many of the more progressive organizations and businesses, a main objective of MakerCreations will be to build on these new ways of creating, and possibly design even better ways to innovate using teams of individuals. Research on the subject of innovating has revealed a lot of very valuable concepts for developing products in today's faced paced world. These innovation concepts will be further explored in future blog post and articles.

Along with developing new ways for creating together, there are now numerous resources available for actually building that hardware prototype or software application. To help with the creative process, MakerCreations will strive to become a premier site for information on all these great resources and how to implement them in the various team projects. Some of the many great resources now available include: crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, automated manufacturing companies, cloud platforms, easily adaptable and free content management systems for building that online sales platform, and the countless free but very valuable open source software applications and hardware designs that could be used or adapted in whatever application or device that project teams might be developing.

In a nutshell, the following steps will be used for creating a new product at MakerCreations:

  1. Build a community of creators

  2. Use the resources at MakerCreations to have dialog between creators to explore new ideas and thoughts for that next great innovation (ex. Forums)

  3. When an idea is deemed feasible, a team of creators will be formed to explore and develop the idea into a viable prototype using all of the great resources available today. The MakerCreations project platform will be used to do this.

  4. Sales platforms will be developed to both introduce the product to consumers and gauge future interest.

  5. Once a prototype has been built that is marketable, funding to mass produce and scale the product will be sought.

  6. If a fully viable product is finally developed and funded, then the initial team members can become founding members of the new business that has been built.

While the above steps outline how to bring a product to market, there will also be times when a new creation will be developed for reasons other than creating profit. Many of these non-profit ventures can still utilize the steps above while adapting as necessary.

This post was written to help clarify some of the details of my vision for MakerCreations. I recognize that there are still many details to clarify and enhance further, and that will definitely happen as we move forward with this. Everything mentioned here is also considered dynamic, and the MakerCreations community will help develop these concepts and add to them as deemed necessary. Now all we need are some people who want to create something great in an environment of collaboration and cooperation. If that fits you, please consider joining the MakerCreations community.

Lets Create Together!