Internet of Things: Tons of Creative Opportunities

Internet of Things

As we've talked about before on the MakerCreations site, technology continues to advance at unprecedented rates in today's society. We are seeing incredible technological advances in pretty much all sectors of society. Along with the never ending ingenuity of our fellow humans on this planet, probably one of the biggest causes for all the new technologies coming on line these days is the advent of the global Internet. This massive communication platform that is the modern Internet has allowed for enormous forward movement in the development and implementation of so many wonderful technologies. The modern Internet has become such a vital component to so many in the world, it would be hard to image a world without an Internet.

As the Internet has matured over the last 20 years, it has allowed a vast amount of people to become more connected, and will most likely allow anyone to be connected in the not so distance future. Along with the social aspect of these new connections, the ever expanding sharing of ideas is allowing all participants a richer life in the process.

From the beginning of time, advances in technologies have allowed everyone participating, to reduce and sometimes completely eliminate mundane task. As we have developed technologies to free up our time, these technological advances have also allowed us to use that freed up time to create even more beneficial devices to make our lives easier. As has always been the case, our greatest contributions to our fellow humans is our incredible creative potential, and the Internet is a major player in allowing each of us to use those inborn creative talents.

As the Internet has continued to evolve, we are now at the beginning stages of a new technological revolution that will have profound effects for all of humanity. Image a world of abundance where most mundane and even complex task have been automated, and easy access to vital information will be available to everyone at all most zero cost. This huge coming wave that is termed the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to unleash vast amounts of vital data, and produce automation at unprecedented levels. To give an idea of the scope of how big this Internet of Things will become, current estimates indicate that there will be literally hundreds of billions of devices connected in to the IoT within the next 5-10 years.

While we will go into the many structures and components that make up the IoT in future blog post, lets talk about 3 key features that make up this Internet of Things. First off, the IoT consist of end devices. These end devices are all of the sensors and other input devices for gathering data that can be sent to control type devices for immediate action or sent to a database for future analysis. These end devices will use technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular 4G to relay the data to intermediate devices to process, act upon, and distribute the data for further analysis. The next stage will consist of both controller type devices and gateway devices for transferring data on to the Internet. These intermediate interface devices will use various protocols to interpret the incoming input data, and to allow communication to both internal and cloud based servers to store the information for future use. The third main component of this IoT are the numerous applications that will be developed to act upon all of the massive data that will be collected through this Internet of Things.

While there will be other components such as machine to machine communication and numerous features to enhance automation, the three baseline components discussed will provide the backbone for the Internet of Things. In a nutshell, we have input devices gathering data and sending that data to interface devices that then relay this information for storage and future use.

So what does the Internet of Things mean for all the creators out there? In my opinion, it means massive opportunities for conceptualizing, inventing, developing, and producing all of these devices and components that make up the IoT. I see massive potential for becoming a big part in what is surely to be a huge technological revolution. The beauty is that the IoT revolution has already started, and being part of the initial development will mean incredible opportunities for all those involved.

I'm personally very exited about all of these wonderful opportunities, and definitely plan to be a part of this IoT development. I hope others will want to be a part of this huge technological revolution, and take the journey with me.

Stay tuned for more blogs on the Internet of Things revolution.