MakerCreations Founder

Hi, my name is James. I just wanted to introduce myself, and give a little background on why I built this portal.

I have been involved with technology for most of my life, and have always been interested in how advances in technology can help solve many problems. I admit that like many, I probably didn't appreciate the significance of technological advances for society as much in my younger years as I do now. My first main exposure to technology was as an electronics technician in the US Navy in the early 80's. My 6 years time in the Navy and the numerous technical classes I attended during that time gave me a great foundation in electronics and started my love for using my intellect and new found knowledge to solve problems. Over the years since those early days, I have worked as both a technician and engineer in numerous positions with various companies. Most recently, I have been involved in both equipment engineering and various project coordinator roles for a semiconductor manufacturer. Over the last 30 years, I have watched many technologies, and even been a part of some of that growth from infancy into the incredible advances we see today. The advances in computing power from 30 years ago to what we experience in today's world has just been astounding to watch, and is just one example of the numerous technological advances that have occured over the last 30 years.

While the advances seen over the last 30 years have definitely been impressive, I believe that both what we've seen over just the last 5 years and what's to come soon, are and will be, even more impressive to watch and be a part of. I believe this time we are all in is one of the greatest times to be alive. We are truly at a point in time where many of the great problems that have plagued much of humanity for millennia can now be solved. Cheap, safe, and reliable energy sources are just around the corner. Abundant and nutritious food sources will soon be available for every human being at almost zero cost. Advances in housing and transportation will also allow everyone on this planet to enjoy a rich and abundant life never seen before. Along with the big four (energy, food, housing, and transportation), numerous other very valuable technologies are being developed that will bring a world full of life enhancing inventions that will create incredible abundance for everyone. While many of us in this world have already benefited from the many advances in technology, soon everyone on the planet will have access to the technological advances coming. Our world is becoming more connected everyday, and that's a great thing.

As I've immersed myself in the latest technologies seen today, I have developed an ever growing desire to be even more involved in the coming changes that are just around the corner. In a nutshell, I want to be a part of the change, and not just sit on the sideline and watch it happen. With that said, I believe there are many others with the same desire to be part of the incredible technological advances still to come. As my project management roles have shown me, I also fully understand and appreciate all the skill sets required to truly produce technological change. Truly great changes have always been through the collaboration of many minds and skill sets working together. The power of the "Mastermind" and teamwork is always impressive to observe and be a part of. When a group of individuals turn their attention and passions toward solving a challenging problem, great things are always the result.

As someone who has been a part of the most prevalent working structure used in today's society, I have observed a lot of issues with the hierarchical system used in most companies and govermental entities throughout the world. Looking at it logically, it just doesn't make sense to consolidate so much of the critical descision making to just a few individuals. Along with the inherent problems associated with a top down type structure, the constant competive nature of everyone who is a part of this hierarchial system makes for a stessful work environment that really doesn't bring the best out of anyone participating in this competive behavior. Some organizations have already began making changes to their internal structures, and a study of these new working systems may help us develop the best possible ways of creating together. I feel strongly that we are all truly connected at our core, and when we embrace that connectedness and begin working as a true team, great life changing concepts, structures, and products can become the result. With all that said, I also recognize that I don't have all the answers, and this is one of the reasons I developed this site. My hope and desire is that we all can have some dialogue around the various subjects relating to technological advances and the structures needed to achieve the changes we all want.

My true vision for the future is to be part of a world society that recognizes the value of cooperation and collaboration over the now prevalent systems of hierarchial control and competition. Personally, I feel that creating technological advances is and will continue to be one of the best ways help connect humanity and create a world of abundance for everyone. A study of most of the current technologies being developed and expanded upon show us that we are in fact heading in a very good direction, and I feel it's up to each of us to help continue this positive direction. With that said, I also recognize the potential for abuses and the creation of negative consequences if we are not careful with the creative process. With the exponential advances seen in various technologies such as energy production, biotech, AI, and robotics, it is more important than ever that we work together as a world society to ensure these and other important technologies be developed in the best and safest ways possible.

I'm personally very bullish about the incredible future we are all moving into right now. I admit, up until recently, I wasn't sure which direction humanity was heading in. Change can be hard for many out there, and living with uncertainty can be difficult for most. Watching how the younger generations have embraced the new technologies, and how easily the new connective nature of these technologies has become a normal part of young people's lives, has been a great lesson for all of us. Especially in today's modern world, change has become a steady constant, and it's all of our responsibility to try and mold that change in the best possible direction.

The main reason I'm so bullish about the future is that I truly understand just how special each and everyone of us is. We are all incredible creators with a huge collection of traits and skills that can be combined to generate huge positive changes for all of humanity. Along with this understanding I have about the true nature of each and every one of us, I also understand that to achieve the changes we all desire, we will need to use all of the resources and systems currently available to help create the future we want.

My main goals for this portal is to develop a special place were ideas can flow freely, new technologies can be introduced and discussed, and new concepts, innovations, and products can be developed. As I've stated before, I feel nothing great is ever created in a vacuum. True innovation comes from the collaboration of individuals combining their thoughts and skills into a greater whole. If you feel like this is all something that interest you, please join this community. Together, we can produce some great lasting changes, and hopefully, some great lasting friendships.

Lets create together!

James Noyes