About MakerCreations

Welcome to the MakerCreations website!

This site was designed to be a portal for like minded individuals who enjoy the process of creating. The site title "MakerCreations" also helps explain what we are all about. If we check out the definition for "Maker" , we find it says "a maker is a person or thing that makes or produces something". Synonyms for maker include: creator, manufacturer, constructor, builder, producer, fabricator, inventor, architect, and designer. Chances are pretty high that one of those synonyms would most likely describe the reader of this page. Those familiar with the "Open Source" movement have most likely heard the terms "Maker" and "Makerspaces", and those terms describe the individuals and places where those people come to create something together or to just to learn new skills from fellow creators to help with whatever project they may be dreaming up. With that thought in mind, this website can be considered another Makerspace.

Another definition for "Maker" is "God; the Creator". Not to get too religious or assume we are God, perhaps it is ok to think that we are all fragments of the Creator and thus endowed with the same creative instinct and abilities. Many religious text do imply that men and women were created in the image of God. Just a casual look around our environment shows us many examples of the creative potential of men and women. Perhaps it has always been our right and in fact our "duty" to use our inborn creative capabilities to both benefit ourselves and those around us. A review of history and industry also indicates that those individuals who used their creative potential the most, have in fact benefited greatly from the value they have created.

The second part of the site title contains the word "Creations". One definition for creation is "the action or process of bringing something into existence". When we take that idea in our minds, and turn it into reality, we are creating something into existence. Truth is, we have all done this very thing numerous times in our lives. As stated above, we are creators at our very core. When we take a look at those times in our lives when we felt the most joy and just general sense of wellbeing, we realize that most of those times were when we were involved in the creative process in some fashion. Another definition for creation is "a thing that has been made or invented, especially something showing artistic talent". Whether we are writing a book, building something from wood or metal, designing electronic circuits, writing software programs, or any of the other infinite forms of creating, we are showing artistic talent. We are always putting our own personal stamp on whatever creative process we are engaged in, and in essense, putting a little bit of ourselves into every design and invention we are a part of. With these thoughts in mind, it could be argued that much of the massive creation that has come out of the Open Source Movement could be traced back to both our innate desire to create and our desire to put a little bit of ourselves into each new creation. Along with the incredible achievements and inventions that have come out of the Open Source Movement, the same can be said about the almost inifinite products that have come out of the many enterprises of both the past and today.

Lets face it, we are all just incredible creators!

While there is always room for more innovation, inventions, products, and new creations, we have to truly marvel at all the wonderful creating that has happened so far. We have discussed what we are at our core, now lets talk about how this site can help each of us to truly unleash our creative potential, and maybe even create that next big invention, product, or totally new concept. A careful study of how great inventions, products, and new life changing concepts are developed soon reveals that most of these great creations were the result of the collaboration of individuals working toward a common goal. With that thought in mind, this site was developed to become a place were people could come and share their thoughts, ideas, knowledge, and skills, and hopefully to utimately work on a project with other like minded individuals.

One powerful tool for sharing ideas and knowledge is the internet forum. In today's internet, the website forum has become a great way for like minded individuals to share their thoughts and knowledge with other forum guest and members. The goal of the MakerCreations Forum is to provide that same powerful tool for both visitors and members of this site. Topics ranging from discussions on new technologies, the open source movement, current work structures seen in the world today, and numerous other topics that members feel are important to discuss, will be available for each member to both post and add their own thoughts and ideas to. Visitors to the site will always have access to these valuable discussions, and if they desire to add to the coversations, they can become members also. As with any forum, there is always the possibilty that friendships will form, and if desired, project collaborations could form also.

Another great tool for sharing ideas and knowledge is the blog. In the current internet age, the blog has become a great vehicle for quickly disseminating valuable information and sharing our thoughts with others. Before the internet, most information came from large organizations or lengthy books and manuals. The modern blog has allowed us to have access to a massive amount of information, and in most cases, this information is both easily accessible and free. While the value of this huge source of information can be subjective, we can all probably agree that there is a lot of relevant information available to the public today in the numerous blogs seen throughout the web. The MakerCreations Blog is also designed to be a great source of information for those seeking to learn new skills, learn about new concepts and technologies, learn about the many innovations and inventions coming out of the Open Source Movement, and any other relevant information for all the Makers and Creators out there.

Along with providing as much useful and relevant information to its members and visitors as possible, one of the main goals of MakerCreations is to provide a venue where project collaboration can take place, and new inventions, products, and powerful new concepts can be developed by a team of like minded and dedicated individuals. As time goes on, the project aspect of of this site will become the conerstone of what we are all about here at MakerCreations. This site has been designed to provide the necessary tools to allow teams of individuals to create together, and build and develop projects that could have great impact for the innovations and products produced, and for the individuals associated with the project. Along with valuable contributions to the already existing open source software and hardware being developed today, many of the innovations and inventions developed through the various projects will become viable and valuable products. Companies may form from these project collaborations, with fair compensation distributed to all the contributing members. More details of how this project process will work are available on the Main Projects Info page for those interrested in joining a team.

Along with the three main features already mentioned, MakerCreations has some other valuable material to help all vistors and members to get the most out of the site. An online manual has been developed that will help show how best to use the site, and give some details on how to use all the available tools and even contribute to the site if desired. To make the MakerCreations Users Guide as useful as posssible, feedback on the manual's content will always be welcome. An Events page has been added to the site to give details on upcoming events related to the topics discussed at MakerCreations. Because the website has been developed as an online Makerspace, event notification by members of this site will always be encouraged and welcome. As already mentioned, constructive feedback is always going to be welcome on this website. To help with that, a Poll page has been developed to allow input from members of the site on various topics and questions. Included with the extra tools just mentioned, standard Site Map and Contact Us pages will also be available.

To round out the website features and tools available to provide a useful online Makerspace, there is also a Resources link on the Main Menu of every page. This Resources link will include links to both recent and archived articles, pages listing Companies and Sites that could be useful for providing valuable tools, applications, and information for the creation process, and both local and online User Groups that can provide additional means for like minded individuals to interact with each other. Due to the dynamic nature of this Makerspace, more features and tools will be added as both need and desires arise.

Once again, welcome to MakerCreations. We encourage everyone to check out all the tools and features available on the site, and get involved if there is a desire. We truly look forward to building some great relationships, and hopefully, create some team partnerships that will produce some of the next great innovations, inventions, and products. Lets create together!